Our food habits have changed, but our way of producing food has not been keeping up. With Containing Greens we want to make it possible to enjoy fresh greens, produced locally by using waste heat from local data centers or industries. Containing Greens contributes to more sustainable cities by making food production more self-sufficient, cutting long transportations and reducing the use of water by almost 90% compared with traditional farming. 



Social: Cultivation in cities has developed in recent years, but despite the development it is not big enough to support the urban population, there is high dependency on rural agriculture. Modular cultivation is a proven way of growing vegetables without the need for large areas or machines that enables communities to supply themselves with vegetables in a sustainable and easy way.

Profit: Seasonal produce consumption is not something you need to consider when growing in a controlled space with a regulated climate and low dependency on water. Sustainable consumption and production of vegetables  becomes possible in the whole country all year around, with help of Containing Greens modular cultivation.

Climate: In recent years, it has become clear that Sweden is  affected by climate change and extreme weather events are increasing. By growing in a controlled environment it is possible to regulate the temperature and lighting in such a way that cultivation can take place despite changes in the outdoor climate. Food production is further ensured as it can now be protected from extreme climate events. With a rain collection system, the containing greens modules can hold water for several months, becoming less dependent on groundwater.